Gaucho Parrilla Argentina


Pittsburgh, PA

Heather Taylor


Affectionately known as 'the meat hut' in the Sparkbox offices, I knew that my first visit to Pittsburgh would require a visit to Gaucho. Friends from Pittsburgh recommended sharing the Parrillada Mixta featuring over a pound of New York strip steak, grilled chicken breast and sweet -or- spicy chorizo paired with a side of Papas al Horno (oven roasted red potatoes with whole garlic cloves and fresh rosemary). It was fantastic! A word of warning when visiting Gaucho, be prepared to wait. Don't worry, it's worth it!

Anastasia Lanz


Gaucho is an Argentinian restaurant in the Strip District that has the best tasting meats and chimichurri sauce. When you order at Guacho, you'll probably end up sharing your plate. They also have these little meat pockets called empanadas. My top picks would be the steak burger or any of the steak plates (sirloin, flank, ribeye). I love meat!

Julie Young


This place gets a 3 for customer experience. The menu is written on a board on a wall (NOT ergonomic to read) and the text uses frequent, unexplained abbreviations. You generally have to wait in line, and then you have to eat quick and get out of there because lingering over a meal is frowned upon. It's also noisy and has bad lighting. I still haven't found the thing worth going back for, other than the carrots with goat cheese. Get those! You can't go wrong with ordering a steak. Some of the sandwiches are messy and overwhelming. The burger is probably your best bet if you go that direction. A lot of hype!

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1601 Penn Ave

(412) 709-6622