Columbus, OH

Katy Bowman


Bareburger is basically a burger, fries, and shakes kind of place, although they do offer salads and other sandwiches. They have a list of specialty burgers to choose from or you can build your own. You can get burgers made from beef, bison, black beans, duck, elk, quinoa, grilled lemon chicken, sesame ginger beef, sweet potato and wild rice, turkey, or wild boar. All except the black bean and quinoa are gluten free. For your bun, to keep it gluten free you can choose to have your burger on a tapioca bun, with no bun, served on a lettuce bed, or wrapped with a collard. Their french fries and sweet potato fries are fried separately and kept gluten free. Other gluten free items are listed clearly on the menu. Beyond their burgers and fries, I also highly recommend trying their milkshakes. My personal favorite is the Mexican Chocolate, made with chocolate ice cream, cayenne, cinnamon, and a “torched marshmallow.” Just thinking about it makes me want one.

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463 N. High St.